The harmony of classic luxury Italian interiors, the ability to interpret different styles, supported by designers of excellence are a recurrent theme in CHIODELLI ARTE. The company is enriched with a modern perspective, especially in the management and the organization of the company. Today CHIODELLI ARTE’s strength rests on production in a modern and functional factory, where maestri artigiani, faithful to luxury Italian craftsmanship and custodians of unique skills and sensitivity, work with innovative tools and instruments. These new technologies allow for greater expressiveness, and optimization of production time consistent with the artisanship of the creations and with the tradition of Italian art furniture.

This corporate structure ensures responsiveness, timely services and assistance. It allows customers and business partners of CHIODELLI ARTE to collaborate with confidence, meet deadlines and guarantee quality.



Each creation is an expression of the history and the culture linked to the CHIODELLI ARTE brand. A history deeply connected to the Venetian district of period furniture, recognized around the world and which has jealously preserved the skills and knowledge of creating real art furnishings.

Harmony and elegance characterize every creation, where the finishing touches are done with precision and the colours, even though bright, always allow us to enjoy the grain within unique wood. Selected to last, the materials are only of the highest quality, certified, first and foremost, by the satisfaction of the customers. CHIODELLI ARTE furniture is a piece of art that increase in value with time.



The service is tailored in every aspect, from the design phase to completion of the project. It starts with identification of the style according to the preferences of the customer.

Hints of elegance and different styles are interpreted by CHIODELLI ARTE to accord with the client’s taste. From furniture to fabrics, each element is taken care of to engage an everlasting emotion.



CHIODELLI ARTE collaborates with excellences (Luigi Bevilacqua fabrics, Zanini wrought iron, Zanchetta marble, Venini crystal…) and works closely with interior designers and architects, around the world.



CHIODELLI ARTE considers as essential values the respect and the protection of the environment. We continue to focus on three key environmental areas: climate change; third-party certification and design for the environment, which sets standards for environmentally-responsible materials, products and processes. Healthcare, improvement of social conditions and worker security are essential priorities of company policy.

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